• Jennifer Rust Botanicals - Containers

Jennifer Rust Botanicals
designs outdoor custom plant containers with longevity in mind

Our containers have longevity by using a mix of perennials and various seasonal plants for color and texture. Planting season in the Atlanta area is cyclical and focused on spring planting (April / May), mid-summer refresh (July / August) and fall planting and updates (October / November) to make it through winter months. We also do holiday containers with live plants, live decor and natural accents as well. With thoughtful seasonal planting and maintenance outdoor containers may absolutely be enjoyed year-round.

  • Jennifer Rust Botanicals - Containers

TableTops, Terrariums, Succulents and Preserved Moss design

There is so much selection available in tropical plants, succulents and preserved products that the days are over when decorating was complete when one green plant was added in the corner. Live plants are integral to our living spaces now and there is a wide range of low maintenance (think terrariums) to absolutely no maintenance (think moss) plant design options.

Sourcing the Best Containers

Half of the appeal of a custom plant creation is the container itself. Quality, scale and size are key to achieve a long lasting and successful design.  JRB can source containers for your specific space or use your own. We work with key suppliers that consistently offer quality products demonstrated to withstand winter and summer elements as well as commercial durability.