4 Season Membership

A New Planter for Each Season!

Become a 4 Season Member now and we will deliver a new planter four times a year. You have beautiful containers all year long delivered straight to your doorstep.

Spring (April) | Summer (June) | Fall (September) | Winter (November)

The planters are beautiful on their own or they can be packaged with an optional standing container. Standing containers are made out of recycled rubber and sized to coordinate with the drop-in planters.

Choose a Size

Large – 11″ square drop-in planter
Small – 9″ square drop-in planter

Include a Standing Container

Large – 28″ tall container with Large square drop-in planter
Small – 20″ tall container with Small square drop-in planter



Additional Information:

A few details for when the special lady asks, because Mothers love to know it all (if she doesn’t already!).

  1. All containers are suitable for outdoors. However, hot afternoon sun is not recommended as this will cause the center plants to wilt.
  2. NO PLASTIC HERE! All containers are made from pre and post-consumer recycled paper that can go through summer and be composted or recycled when plants are finished.
  3. When the center plant has finished blooming, the blooms can simply be cut back. It may also be gently pulled out and replanted in the yard for a gift that keeps on giving.