Seasonal Subscription with planter inserts


Enjoy professionally designed planters that are delivered to your door every season.

With a seasonal subscription, we deliver planter inserts four times a year so you always have a fresh and new planter. Simply take out last season’s insert, replace it with the new seasonal design and follow the care instructions. It’s that easy.

Spring (March) | Summer (May) | Fall (September) | Winter (November)

A subscription means we do the work and you have fresh planter happiness each season!

Please indicate if you need a delivery in time for Mother’s Day (delivered May 7th). Otherwise, deliveries will be that following week.


Your credit card will be charged $120 for each new planter insert only. The container is a one time charge.

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Absolutely! Mixing container styles is very much on trend right now. Consider selection of two matching containers with a third complementing container. Select the number of planter inserts that you will need to go with your container selection.

No, but each of our planter inserts are sized exactly to fit in the containers we sell. If you purchase a planter insert and it does not fit your own container we will not provide a refund. Check out how to measure your own container and the measurements of the planter inserts.

You will receive an email approximately 2 weeks prior to delivery that your credit card will be charged. If any changes to your delivery need to be made.

We will gladly cancel your membership at any time if we are advised at least 1 week prior to the next planned delivery (you will be advised approximately 2 weeks in advance of delivery).

No, however the planter inserts are compostable.  All new season planters are left at your front door or on your drive.

No, we are experienced container designers and are excited to share our unique designs with you each season. Please understand we source plants that are right for the season and compliment that season’s design. We do offer a full custom service which we are happy to talk to you about to meet your needs.

Please send us a picture so we can see what is going on. We email watering and care instructions with each purchase. We do not provide refunds for improper watering, insect infestation, dogs/deer/rabbits or damage caused by containers knocked over by cars or flying balls (we have teenagers – it happens). We want you to be happy. Let’s try to figure out what is going on.

Winter designs are created with Atlanta’s cold weather in mind. Spring planter inserts can be damaged by a late frost if not covered when temps dip below 40’ at night. We do recommend Spring planter inserts are covered overnight with a light sheet or landscape fabric when temps are expected to get that low.  Summer planter inserts also come with watering instructions but ultimately it is up to you to regularly check if the soil has dried out and requires watering. This may change through the summer months based on rain and or wind.

It does not matter the season, planters need water and need to be regularly checked if watering is needed. The best way to do this is to stick your finger at least 2 inches into the soil. If the soil is dry, then water. Smaller plants on the edge around any container tend to dry out first.

Water right at the dirt level or at the base of the plant with a watering can or slow flowing hose. Never water from the top of the plant. Also, small tender plants near the edges dry out first. We recommend watering the outer plants first and then the center plants. Water until water can be seen draining from the pot.

How to Measure Your Own Container

To ensure the drop-in planter will fit, it’s important you measure your container properly. Using a tape measure, measure the interior of the container; including:

Measuring a container
1) width of the top inside of the container

2) width at the bottom inside of the container

3) height from bottom to the top of the inside of the container

JRB Insert measurements:

1) 13.75” wide at the top
2) 9.5” wide at the bottom
3) 12.75” high

If the interior of your own container is taller than the our insert then just add soil or mulch inside your pot to raise the it to the height of the rim. If the width of your container at the inside top of your own container is greater than 15.5” then it will probably be too big to be used for a JRB insert.

Your own container needs to have a drainage hole to allow water to drain, as it needs to be regularly watered. If there is no drainage it will not thrive.